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January 8, 2018 - 6:00 P.M.

The Hubbard City Council met in regular session with Mayor Pro-tem Randy Smuck presiding and the following Council members present: Luke Goodell, Sandi Swenson, Rick Gustafson & Wes Kix. Absent: Mayor Marshall Simmerman.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Motion by Swenson, seconded by Gustafson to approve the agenda. AMVA. (All members voted aye).

CONSENT AGENDA-Motion by Kix seconded by Goodell that the following items on the Consent Agenda be approved: Minutes of the December 11th regular meeting, Clerk’s Financial Report, bills as presented and Hubbard Golf & Rec Liquor License Renewal. AMVA.

PUBLIC HEARINGS-6:00 P.M.-Motion by Swenson, seconded by Gustafson to open Public Hearing at 6:05 p.m. for Status of Funded Activities for Hubbard Sewer Project. AMVA. The City of Hubbard received a $300,000 CDBG grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for wastewater collection improvements. These improvements are designed to substantially reduce wastewater backups and discharges. The city has expended $392,217 to date on the project. $167,093 has been covered with CDBG funds and $282,178 from SRF loan funds. Another phase of this project will be bid out in 2018. The work will likely be done in calendar year 2018. This additional phase will likely use all the $132,907 CDBG funds remaining balance. The first phase of the project is essentially finished.

No oral or written comments were heard from public. Motion by Swenson, seconded by Gustafson to close the Public Hearing at 6:06 p.m. AMVA.

COMMITTEE REPORTS-Kix reported business is operating well from HCSWC. Board voted to purchase 1 new pickup and 1 new packer.

No report for H.C. Emergency Mgmt. or Mayor.

Smuck reported Fire Dept. had their first Ice Water Rescue Practice Exercise at Meyer’s Pond on Sunday. Hubbard had 12 Firemen, New Providence 3 and Radcliffe had 1 in attendance. Rescue went really well. The Hubbard Fire Dept. is looking into purchasing a couple suits for about $500-$750 per suit. The Department has also trained in High Angle Rescue from IAS Elevators with IAS paying for that cost of equipment of around $4,500.

Ambulance had their Election of Officers at their January meeting. Hayden Boeke-President/Treasurer, Betty Martinson-V-P/Training, Denise Martin-Secretary/Purchasing and John Ziebell-Head of Drivers

Cheri reported she submitted a H.C. Community Endowment Foundation Grant for the Park. We thought we needed to focus on the 2-5 age group. A T-Swing with tot seat and an ADA Harness seat swing is being requested. The Mayor & Cheri will be working on FY18-19 Budget on Saturday. Cheri also requested to have a Hazardous Waste Drop-off on Saturday of City Wide Clean-up on June 2nd but will have to wait for confirmation of request.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS-Andrew with MSA Professional Services was not in attendance but submitted an outline of Sanitary Sewer Project Update. We are waiting on CDBG, DNR & SRF to review Municipal Pipe Tool and Raccoon Valley Contractors work to close the Phase 1 Construction. Plans and Specs have been approved by DNR for construction of Phase 1B but waiting for Environmental Review by DNR. Once that is complete we will be ready to bid that Phase. Projection for Design of Phase 2 should begin in May/June 2018.

NEW BUSINESS-Rachel Thompson, Hubbard’s new Library Director introduced herself to Council and shared “What’s going on at the Hubbard Library”. Rachel had been employed part-time at the library previously but was hired as Director in March when that Title came open. Rachel began classes in June and took her last set of classes in November to which, receiving her State Librarian Certification. The Librarian and Library Board are working on achieving a State Tier 3 Accreditation by the end of February. This will allow library to apply for State Aid. Library held a 7 week reading program this past Summer with 95 children and also adding an Adult Reading Program this year.

Motion by Gustafson, seconded by Swenson to approve moving February Council meeting from February 12th to February 19th at 6 p.m. AMVA.

Motion by Swenson, seconded by Goodell to authorize City Clerk to pay expenses prior to February 19th Council meeting. AMVA.

ADJOURNMENT-Motion by Kix, seconded by Swenson that the meeting be adjourned at 6:40 p.m. AMVA.

ADJOURNMENT-Motion by Smuck, seconded by Gustafson that the meeting be adjourned at 7:08 p.m. AMVA.

Attest: Cheryl A. Boelman, City Clerk; Randy Smuck, Mayor Pro-tem

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