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November 9, 2020 - 6:00 P.M.

The Hubbard City Council met in regular session in Council Chambers with Mayor Marshall Simmerman presiding and the following Council members present while practicing Social Distancing requirements with everyone attending wearing masks. Randy Smuck, Luke Goodell, Sandi Swenson, Tracy Below & Wes Kix.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Motion by Smuck, seconded by Goodell to approve the agenda. AMVA. (All members voted aye).

CONSENT AGENDA-Motion by Goodell, seconded by Below that the following items on the Consent Agenda be approved: Minutes of the October 12th regular meeting, bills as presented & Clerk’s Financial Report and Hometown Grocery LLC liquor license renewal. AMWA.

RESOLUTION #647-APPROVE TRANSFER OF GENERAL FUND CASH TO FIRE DEPARTMENT CITY/TOWNSHIP RESERVE CD. Motion by Goodell, seconded by Kix to approve Resolution #647. Roll: Ayes-Kix, Below, Swenson, Smuck & Goodell. Nays-None. Motion carried. This Resolution allows the total of $9,000 for support from City, Grant & Tipton Township to be added to the Fire Truck Reserve CD.

RESOLUTION #648-APPROVE TRANSFER OF L.O.S.T. REVENUE TO THE GENERAL FUND TO SUPPORT THE HUBBARD COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER. Motion by Smuck, seconded by Swenson to approve transfer of $15,000 for support to the HCMC. Roll: Ayes-Smuck, Goodell, Kix, Below & Swenson. Nays-None.

COMMITTEE REPORTS-Goodell had no report for the HCSWC.

Smuck reported the Fire Department has cancelled their annual family Thanksgiving dinner due to the high Covid cases in the area. Jane Knutson continues to search/write grants for the department. Smuck reported the Emergency Management has secured an area inside their building for FEMA supplies. The communication towers are needing to be grounded different to prevent outages.

Smuck had no report for ambulance

Below had nothing new to report on park.

Cheri reported the city received the refund check for $1,114 from Iowa Municipal Work Comp audit. She also reported that Bernie, Area Manager/Customer Operations with Alliant Energy informed her that Alliant had completed the street light inventory and showed the city has 7 dedicated poles which will mean a $20/mo. increase in street light bill. Bernie stated he also checked on question received at last month’s meeting as to whether Alliant Energy would be able to pick up appliances from the HCSWC recycling center to create additional revenue. Bernie stated they would not be able to pay HCSWC directly, that they would have to pay the person who dropped it off directly so would not be feasible. Mayor informed council the first round of City Clerk interviews was completed last week. A second round of interviews will be this week and a recommendation soon after. Mayor appointed Sandi Swenson and Randy Smuck to represent the city on the hiring committee. Mayor stated he would like to have the new City Clerk on board by mid-December.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS-The City is still waiting on the IDNR to approve the Water Main Extension Project Permit and an update on building project from J & T Logistics.

NEW BUSINESS-Larry Pump, CPA was in attendance to give Council a report on the FY2020 Annual Exam. Last year there were 6 entries reported and 2 have been eliminated and 3 new ones this year. There was no conflict of interest with a council member also being a contractor of the city due to earnings were less than $6,000/yr. A news release of the Annual Exam will be published in the Signal-Review and also posted on the State Auditor’s website. Motion by Swenson, seconded by Goodell to approve Larry Pumps Annual Exam report. Roll: Ayes-Swenson,, Smuck, Goodell, Kix & Below. Nays-None.

Mayor informed that he and the Swimming Pool Committee and also Sandi in attendance, have met with Mike Fisher with Water’s Edge. He brought great ideas to the meeting. The pool house structure is very sound but will remodel existing space to be compliant. The pool itself needs to be replaced. Moisture is coming in so you know there is moisture going out. Hoping to keep same footprint, zero depth entrance, possible kiddie slide, keep BB and add volleyball. The cost is estimated to be around $2-2.5 Million. Filter/boiler system need completely remodeled and that cost is around $275,000. The committee will continue to hold fundraisers and at some point, the city will need to determine how we complete the funding. The Pool Committee exceeded $30,000 donation for the Barlow Challenge to receive the Barlow Family Foundation match of $30,000.

ADJOURNMENT-Motion by Swenson, seconded by Goodell that the meeting be adjourned at 6:29p.m. AMVA.

Attest: Cheryl A. Boelman, City Clerk; Marshall Simmerman, Mayor

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