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September 13, 2021 - 6:00 P.M.

The Hubbard City Council met in regular session in Council Chambers with Mayor Marshall Simmerman presiding and the following Council members present while practicing Social Distancing. Randy Smuck, Sandi Swenson, Wes Kix (6:02), & Tracy Below. Absent: Luke Goodell

APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Motion by Smuck, seconded by Below to approve the agenda. AMVA. (All members voted aye).

CONSENT AGENDA-Motion by Swenson, seconded by Smuck that the following items on the Consent Agenda be approved: Minutes of the August 9th regular meeting, bills as presented, & Clerk’s Financial Report. AMVA.

Resolution Approving Construction Contract and Bond for the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – Phase 3 Motion by Swenson, seconded by Below to approve contract and bond for sewer rehabilitation to Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC of Hudson, IA for $242,126.75 as described in detail in the plans and specifications heretofore approved. Roll: Ayes- Swenson, Smuck, Below, Kix

RESOLUTION #671-Resolution for Street Closure During the 2021 Hubbard Oktoberfest Celebration. Motion by Swenson, seconded by Below to approve street closure. Roll: Ayes – Swenson, Smuck, Kix, Below

RESOLUTION #672 Resolution Adopting the City of Hubbard General Development Plan, and Determining the City of Hubbard General Development Plan to be the General Plan for Development of the City as a Whole. Motion by Swenson, seconded by Below to adopt the general development plan. Roll: Ayes – Smuck, Kix, Below, Swenson.

RESOLUTION #673 Resolution Determining the Necessity and Setting Dates of a Consultation and a Public Hearing on a Proposed 2021 Urban Renewal Plan for a Proposed Urban Renewal Area in the City of Hubbard, State of Iowa. Motion by Smuck, seconded by Swenson to set dates for Urban Renewal Consultation on September 21, 2021, 3 P.M. and Public Hearing on October 11, 2021, 6 P.M. Roll: Ayes – Smuck, Kix, Below, Swenson

RESOLUTION #674 Resolution Fixing Date for a Meeting on the Authorization of a Loan and Disbursement Agreement and the Issuance of Not to Exceed $344,000 Sewer Revenue Capital Loan Notes of the City of Hubbard, Iowa, and Providing for Publication of Notice Thereof. Motion by Kix, seconded by Below to set date for public hearing on October 11, 2021, 6:15 P.M. Roll: Ayes – Kix, Below, Swenson, Smuck.


Smuck reported the Fire Department attended State Fire Convention. The Model A took first place in its division. Received a grant for one set of wildland gear. Hardin County Emergency Management continues to distribute hand sanitizer and masks to nursing homes. No report for ambulance.

Below reported that Boy Scout Gavin Runyon has completed his painting project at the park and had extra funds from donations that he gave to the city to put towards new bathroom doors. New windows for the shelter house will be reevaluated next spring.

Clerk reported the first tranche from the American Rescue Plan has been received $59,683.98. Seven computers have been ordered through the BuyIT@OCIO, a grant through the Cares Act. Computers will be disbursed to the following: 1 – City Hall, 1 – Public Works, 1 – Fire Department, 1 – Ambulance, 3 – Library. Clerk will be attending the fall session of Clerk School via Zoom on October 6-8 and the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association conference October 21-22. The surge protector at the water treatment plant was struck by lightening at the end of August. A new surge protector has been installed and is working properly.

Mayor informed that paperwork for the election for council and mayor are due by 5 P.M. on Thursday, September 16th .

UNFINISHED BUSINESS- MSA Representative Andrew Inhelder stated the contractor for Phase 3 Sewer Rehabilitation is lining up subcontractors and will have 75 days to complete the project. Permitting through the DOT for the water main extension project has been granted an extension and the DNR permit expires in the spring. Will consider putting the project out to bid this winter. Council reviewed the MSA Professional Service Agreement for Phase 3 Sanitary Sewer Improvement Construction in the amount of $34,650. Motion by Swenson, seconded by Below to approve the agreement. Roll: Swenson, Smuck, Kix, Below.

Mayor reported that $333,000 has been raised for the Swimming Pool project and encourages the community to continue donating. Pool committee will host a grain drive this fall for donations. Mayor stated he is waiting for alternative pool proposals from Waters Edge, expect to have by the end of September.

NEW BUSINESS-Motion by Smuck, seconded by Swenson to approve the Annual Urban Renewal Report.

Motion made by Kix, seconded by Swenson to approve the Engagement Agreement with Ahlers and Cooney Attorneys for Development Agreement with J&T Trucking, LLC. Roll: Ayes – Kix, Below, Swenson, Smuck

Motion by Swenson, seconded by Below to set Trick or Treat Night for Saturday, October 30th 6-8 P.M where lights on only. AMVA

ADJOURNMENT-Motion by Swenson, seconded by Below that the meeting be adjourned at 6:30 p.m. AMVA.

Attest: Marie Neubauer, City Clerk; Marshall Simmerman, Mayor

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