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Hubbard Iowa
At the Hub of it All
    • Marshall Simmerman
    • Luke Goodell
    • Rick Gustafson
    • Wes Kix
    • Randy Smuck
    • Sandi Swenson
    City Clerk/Treasurer
    • Cheryl A. Boelman
    Mayor Pro-Tems
    • Sandi Swenson - Senior Pro-Tem
    • Rick Gustafson - Alternate Pro-Tem
    Council Liaison to Boards
    • Fire Dept. - Randy Smuck
    • Ambulance Dept. - Randy Smuck
    • Street Dept. - Wes Kix
    • Pool - Rick Gustafson
    • Park/Rec - Luke Goodell
    • Water/Sewer - Wes Kix
    Public Works Superintendent
    • Robert Imsland
    Representative on E-911 Board
    • Randy Smuck - Representative
    Representative on HCSWC Board
    • Luke Goodell - Representative
    Volunteer Fire Chief
    • Monty Boeke
    Volunteer Ambulance Service President
    • Hayden Boeke

City Council Meeting Minutes

City of Hubbard Sewer Ordinance Rate Increase

City of Hubbard 2017 Code of Ordinances

City of Hubbard 2017 Code of Ordinances Divider Pages

Hubbard's Yearly Water Quality Report for 2018

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