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"The Wooden Chicken, Purveyor of Fine Arts" has left his mark in Hubbard, Iowa. It is a very big mark.

Mike Feeney put the finishing touches on his Hubbard project in May 1994. Using a variety of chainsaws, the Wisconsin artist created a detailed sculpture out of what remained of an old maple tree on the southeast edge of town. The sculpture depicts a farmer checking out an ear of corn.

While most of the work was done in the fall of 1993 and during the cold of winter, Feeney was delighted to return last week to experience what he called the "real Hubbard." In contrast to the cold winter days, Feeney enjoyed the warm sunshine, and the sights of the early growing season. The activity at the local golf course tempted Feeney to stray.

Feeney had completed approximately 40 sculptures by May 1994, with the Hubbard project being the largest. While Feeney ran into some unexpected problems inside the large maple, he worked through them an is pleased with the way things turned out.

"I think I'm done - it's just so big," said Feeney in his easy-going manner. "I'm real happy with it. Even the bad spots turned out good."

Feeney explained that the sculpture is different things to different people. From the road, it is simply a farmer with some corn. Up close, however, you see chickens, corn roots, detailed fingernails and even corn boars.

A close look may also reveal a familiar face - that of Hubbard's Hank Anders. Feeney started out using Wayne Meier as a model, and has pictures of Meier holding a stock of corn—much like the sculpture. But he later decided to use Anders' face because of all the detail.
- Taken from the South Hardin Signal-Review Newspaper. -

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